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"Aixa has been with us at Lion King for years, teaching us Pilates between shows. She teaches the cast and crew, working us so hard you just have to laugh through it which  makes us all stronger and more flexible on and off the mat."



The LION KING on Broadway


Group Mat Class - Monthly Fee

One hour group class on the mat using your own body weight as resistance or with props. A fun, nurturing, yet challenging group class that will enable you to develop strength, flexibility and deepen your awareness while you flow through the Pilates method exercises.

Private One Hour Session $85.00

One hour session with you and the instructor. You will use the Pilates equipment and incorporate the mat work into each session. These sessions are tailored to the individuals needs.  

Private 10 Class Card $800.00

Duet One Hour Session $55.00 (each person)

Bring a friend. One hour session for both of you with the instructor on the Pilates equipment. For students that are new to the method it is strongly recommended that you take at least 3 private sessions before.

Duet 10 Class Card $500.00 (each person)

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